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2011年 03月 17日

To friends

The epicenter is Tohoku(east north) in Japan.
I felt a terrible shake though it was fairly away from Tokyo.
Magnitude 9!!!

I learnt a lot of damage information by the news of the television.
It's a sad, surprising image.
And, the tragedy has still increased.

The aftershock continues,,,
However, worry is the nuclear plant now.
Because the nuclear plant in Fukushima Prefecture (150 miles north of Tokyo) has fallen into the uncontrollability.
People's big fears are meltdown !!!

The earthquake is a natural disaster.
Nothing can be done.
It's a fate that arose to the Japanese.
However, it is necessary to think about nuclear power generation.
It's abnormal that the nuclear plant of 50 or more exists in this small island nation.

The danger of nuclear power generation has been repeatedly said even without giving Chernobyl and the example of Three Mile Island.
There was a protest campaign within the country, too.
However, the increase of the nuclear plant was not stopped.
It's people's responsibilities.
Of course, I also...
Mass production. Volume consumption.
The electric power energy was excessively needed for a comfortable life style.
More more, more,,,
Pleasure was chosen from danger.

It's time to rethink about our lifestyles.
There must be a method of the happy living even if it's modest.
Japanese of old lived just so.
The current excessive system is only most recent in an otherwise long history of Japan.

Please don't misunderstand.
I don't think that we just have to return to old times.
Rather, that we should make a new lifestyle that corresponds to the 21st century.
It has been said up to now.
However, the band wagon which everyone has jumped on was not able to be stopped.
It's time now to stop that band wagon once and to think about how to best live our lives.

  Feel simple beauty of the flowering plant in the wayside.
  Let's hear the melody of the wind.

My friends are people who love art, this meaning will be understood.
Because happiness can always be made from just the pencil and paper.

Surely, from this lesson we can learn, and happiness can be regained.

I believe so.

Hiroki Mafuyu



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